En Route





 About the film

“En Route” is an eight-minute short film produced as an Independent Study at the Savannah College of Art and Design. The initial concept was written in December of 2008, production began in 2009 and the film took over a year and a half to complete. It was realized with a crew comprised entirely of students, and was shot on the RED camera intermittently over several months. Key moments of the film rely heavily on visual effects, and it has taken about 8 months to complete these effects shots.


Every decision has a consequence.

Harry Yotam Dor
Linda Kelly Natividade
Harry – Age 17 Mark Charles Davis
Harry – Age 7 Noah Short
Director / Writer / Editor, Colin Levy
Producers Andre Danylevich
Yotam Dor
Nicholas Leicht
Director of Photography Jason Osterday
Production Designer Aaron D. Hoskins
Visual Effects Supervisor Sandro Blattner



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